Exciting winter fishing on the Po River

Exciting winter fishing on the Po River


If I came up with this topic a few years ago, many of you would have simply dismissed me, or even laughed at this crazy idea. Of course, we all know 1 or 2 daredevils who have always been fishing during the winter season. However, in recent years winter catfishing has gained more and more popularity worldwide. Turns out those "crazy" people were right: we should take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities available to us during the winter. After all, it's not like the catfish has any knowledge of our calendar. Temperature on the other hand is essential, and this is where the mild Mediterranean winter constitutes an enormous advantage. Snow and temperatures below freezing point are uncommon here. The water is 7-10 degrees, and the daytime temperature ranges between 5-15 degrees, which is comfortable for both anglers and fishes.

Winter catfishing tips:

  • try to move slowly down the stream, if your bait passes the catfish (walleye) quickly, there will be much fewer bites (eg. during high tide the water flow slows down, electric motor, dragging weight, etc.).
  • moving the bait (vertically) under the boat gets you the best results in this case
  • rubber bait, wobbler, fireball, draschkovich etc. almost anything works, as long as there's a tug type movement
  • baits above 20 cm are recommended
  • catfish really do slow down during this period, so adapt the movement of the bait, do not make large pulling movements, try slightly tugging the tip of the rod instead
  • on colder days don windproof thermal clothes and ski goggles for boating


Those who pack away their fishing gear in the fall and go into hibernation mode, are missing out big time. The brave enough however, could be out there reeling in huge bass and colossal catfish right now!

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